Vertex Cleaning LLC Commercial Carpet Cleaning Offer

Limited Time Offer!

Complimentary Carpet Cleaning 2x/year with Annual Commercial Cleaning Contract


No Job Is Too Big or Too Small

Vertex Cleaning provides commercial cleaning services to business owners and managers. We give your company the peak benefits of a clean environment that speaks your business’s internal weight of integrity.

Delivering excellence and satisfaction at every visit.

Our Services

  • Office Building Cleaning

  • Move Out Cleaning

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Tile and Grout Floor Cleaning

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    We Service:

     • Owner Office Buildings

     • Small Offices

     • Government Buildings

     • Financial Intuitions

     • Healthcare Facilities

     • Education Institutions

     • Places of Worship

     • Retail Establishments

     • Fitness Centers

     • Car Dealerships

     • Restaurants

     • Theater

     • Hospitality Buildings

     • Manufacturing Facilities

     • Warehouses

     • Event Venues

     • Move-Outs

     • Floor Care

    What's the Difference:


    Cleaning refers to the physical act of removing germs from a surface, usually with soap and water. This can help stop the spread of illness by reducing the number of germs in a particular area, but cleaning doesn’t always kill germs; it may simply transfer them to a different surface (sponge, cloth, etc.)


    Disinfecting, refers to killing germs on a surface using chemicals. This certainly helps reduce illness spread by viruses and bacteria, but it does not necessarily remove the germs from the surface or clean visible dirt or debris.


    Sanitizing is what happens when germs on a surface are reduced to safe levels, either by cleaning, disinfecting, or both. Vertex Cleaning can produce sanitized surfaces in your business or commercial space with our disinfection services.

    Danny and Lydia came out to clean my apartment and did an amazing job. Their experience in commercial office cleaning translates into elevated attention to detail for homes and apartments. They are also great people and have a wonderful family owned environment that makes you very comfortable. I would not hesitate to refer them to anyone, residential or commercial.

    Jessica Jones

    Jessica Jones