Vertex Cleaning LLC Commercial Carpet Cleaning Offer

Limited Time Offer!

Complimentary Carpet Cleaning 2x/year with Annual Commercial Cleaning Contract



Vertex Cleaning LLC

Vertex Cleaning provides commercial cleaning services to business owners and managers in the Las Vegas metro area.

Simple and to the point. Vertex Cleaning gets it. We go straight to the peak of clean.

To be at the peak of clean is to serve from the heart to the visible purity of what you and your company stand for.

To live in a clean and organized environment represents order. What you see on the outside reveals the integrity and quality of a company, self and family.

To live in disorder and uncleanliness reveals the negligence of a family structure, self and a business.

We understand this valuable key to success and Vertex Cleaning is proud to partner up with you to shine the pristine integrity and quality of a structured company and lifestyle through the eyes of the peak of clean.


Hi! My name is Danny!

Owner and operator of Vertex Cleaning. Transparency, Integrity and Truth are the foundation on which I am building this amazing company on. It’s the foundation that I’ve built for my own family structure and one that I am to leave a legacy to all those who are to develop a relationship or come in contact with myself and Vertex Cleaning. I strive daily to live on the foundation of truth, integrity and transparency.

I will be held up to my responsibility of a great leader of these morals by all those that surround me.

I hope we meet soon and start this great partnership and relationship that goes beyond business. It’s the true values of what we dream and live for day in and day out.

It’s not just about clean, it’s about building strong relationships on a strong foundation.

It’s not about us, it’s about us as a whole. What we can do together to represent to the world around us!

We can work around your company’s schedule by offering flexibility with day and evening hours that will not interfere with daily business activities. Our team will accommodate your schedule so that your business stays looking great!

Call me today, I’d love to get to know you, as you get to know us! We want to serve you from the core out. Clean starts inward, reaching to the peak of clean.

Vision and Mission


To give your company the peak benefits of a clean environment that speaks your business’s internal weight of integrity, delivering to the peak of clean every time, thoroughly and at pure satisfaction.


To build strong relationships on the foundation of Truth, Transparency, and Integrity by delivering excellence and satisfaction at every visit, making workspaces cleaner spaces. Clean and Simple.


Danny and Lydia came out to clean my apartment and did an amazing job. Their experience in commercial office cleaning translates into elevated attention to detail for homes and apartments. They are also great people and have a wonderful family owned environment that makes you very comfortable. I would not hesitate to refer them to anyone, residential or commercial.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones